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Levin on sanctuary city ruling: 'This is banana republic stuff'

Conservative Review

While Trump’s agenda in his first 100 days has suffered largely at the hands of “incompetent” GOP leadership in Congress, the permanent, leftist government, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin says, “is doing just fine” thanks to bureaucrats and left-wing judges.

As an example, Levin held up the situation where Judge William Orrick, a district judge and former Obama cash bundler in San Francisco, blocked the Trump’s executive order defunding sanctuary cities. Levin said the judge was a politically-motivated actor who “bought his seat.”

“This is what happens when our federal government becomes so unmoored from our Constitution,” Levin said.

One clear remedy to this situation and others like it would be a wholesale reform of the judicial system under Article III of the Constitution. Yet, Levin was pessimistic about the prospect.

“Congress is not going to take power away from the courts,” Levin said. “Jake Tapper at CNN might not like it.”

Of course, this all fits in with the new platitude that has surrounded the discussion around Trump and others’ criticisms of liberal jurists blocking the Republican agenda on specious grounds: Thou shalt never criticize a judge.

To combat this argument, Levin — an attorney who worked as Attorney General Ed Meese’s chief of staff in the Reagan Justice Department — read from a section of his 2006 book “Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America.”


Not only did Levin outline the ill effects of deeply-flawed Supreme Court rulings, but he also gave a detailed history of corrupt and unfit federal judges — ones certainly worthy of public criticism for their decisions and conduct — going all the way back to the early years of our republic.

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