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Levin rips Virginia's 'murder bill': 'Murder is murder ... call it what it is!'

Conservative Review

Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin expressed his outrage at the Virginia bill that would legalize late-term abortions up to the point where a baby is crowning.

"You would think everybody would agree, right, that during labor, that during the birth process, it's not a mother's choice. It's not a mother's choice in consultation with her doctor," Levin said. "It's God's choice! That's a baby! That's a baby! What kind of animals have we become?! How inhumane have we become!? Where does this end!?"


Anticipating the leftist response that men can't have opinions on women's "choices," Levin forcefully rejected that blather.

"We men love our children too. We men would die for our children. We would kill for our children. We also provide for our children," Levin said. "They're also our flesh and blood, and I don't want to hear ever again, period, that I'm a man and I don't get to have a decision in this. I sure as hell do, and so do you!"

"Murder is murder! This is a murder bill! That's what it is. Call it what it is!"

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