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Linda Sarsour, unfazed by new anti-Semitism charges, will keynote radical Islamist gathering

Conservative Review

Women’s March leader and Islamist activist Linda Sarsour is scheduled to speak at the end of the month at the Muslim American Society-Islamic Circle of North America (MAS-ICNA) annual conference in Chicago.

The announcement comes on the heels of a Tablet magazine profile that shined a light on Women’s March leaders, including Sarsour, who routinely engaged in anti-Semitic harassment of their Jewish colleagues.

“I talked to everyone, and I said it to every last one of them: Tamika [Mallory] needs to resign—not just because of her Farrakhan connection, but because of how she handled it afterwards. I said Linda [Sarsour] also needs to step down. Her controversy and the things she keeps saying and doing are detrimental to the movement,” Mercy Morganfield, a former Women's March spokesperson, said in the interview with Tablet.

Tablet then asked Morganfield whether she believes Women's March co-chairs, including Sarsour, are anti-Semitic. She responded: “There are no Jewish women on the board. They refused to put any on. Most of the Jewish people resigned and left. They refused to even put anti-Semitism in the unity principles.”

At the Chicago conference, Sarsour will be joined by a who’s who of America’s most fringe Islamist preachers, including:

Imam Omar Suleiman, a gay-bashing imam who has endorsed honor killings, the act of murdering a family member for her allegedly inappropriate behavior to restore “honor” within the community or household.

Nihad Awad, the executive director of the Hamas-tied Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S.-based group that was founded to build support for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. Awad has previously declared that he is “in support of the Hamas movement,” which remains a U.S.-designated terrorist organization. The UAE recently listed CAIR itself as a terrorist organization.

Mazen Mokhtar, who was identified in a federal affidavit as the individual behind a website to raise funds for the Taliban and Chechen terrorists. 

The groups that combined to host the confab share an extremist, anti-American agenda.

In a major terrorism financing case, federal prosecutors labeled the Muslim American Society (MAS) as an “overt arm” of the Muslim Brotherhood, a global Islamist organization that seeks to impose the primitive and barbaric Sharia law and a global Islamic caliphate.

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) also has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Terrorism analyst Yehudit Barsky has described the group as a network "composed of members of Jamaat e-Islami, a Pakistani Islamic radical organization similar to the Muslim Brotherhood that helped to establish the Taliban."

Kyle Shideler, director of the Counter-Islamist Grid, an initiative of the Middle East Forum, spoke to Conservative Review about Sarsour’s activism. “Linda Sarsour’s antisemitism and support for Islamist causes have never been more apparent. Her relationships with progressive groups have exploded thanks to her role in hijacking the Women’s March, and her Islamist ties have been outed not just in niche media, but in mainstream and even international publications,” Shideler tells CR. “That MAS-ICNA still wants her to speak is a reminder that they are a group founded by Islamists for Islamists. Groups that align with them do so at their own peril.” 

Sarsour has admitted that her progressive advocacy is largely a front to build a coalition around her anti-Israel, pro-Palestine agenda. She also has a habitual tendency to blame Jews and Israelis — harnessing anti-Semitic dog whistles to cloak her advocacy in human rights language — for problems occurring around the world.

Sarsour spoke at the same conference last year, where she was joined by many of the same fringe characters.

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