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Lions led by lambs

Conservative Review

The Supreme Court’s Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling made it clear who our friends are. Not among them: GOP congressional leadership.

No matter whether you think Jack Phillips’ victory is potentially broad or particularly narrow in its scope, either way, we have been forced to watch as no Republicans who determine the congressional agenda have stepped up and offered legislative courage and/or direction to capitalize on the opening before them, proving once more that the one real difference between the unibrow parties is that Democrats inspire their base to get what they want, while Republicans conspire against their base to get what they want.

That's why all you hear are crickets from the leaders of God's Own Party.

On the other hand, had the Supreme Court ruled against Phillips, you absolutely would have heard Team GOP speak up: To remind us that courts make law, this is the new law we must respect now, and it sucks, bro, but the First Amendment is gone with the wind, dude. However, if we're lucky, and the stars align, it may come back one day once we've "voted GOP for good judges" enough decades.

Because the GOP, for the zillionth time, doesn’t care about what we care about.

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