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Mark Levin and Charlton Heston: The Second Amendment is more essential than the First

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin returned to the fundamentals of why the American people need the Second Amendment.

Levin played 1997 audio of Charlton Heston explaining why the Second Amendment "must be considered more essential than the First Amendment." The Second Amendment, the right to bear arms against those who would take away your life and liberty, is the first freedom that defends the rest of your liberty.


Turning to the anti-gun progressives, Levin explained that the Left seeks the destruction of not only the Second Amendment, but the whole of the Constitution.

"Folks, we're dealing with anti-constitutional radical ideologues," Levin said. "They don't care about the history of the Second Amendment any more than they care about the history of the First Amendment."

"We cannot rely on the progressive Left and the media and Hollywood and tenured Marxist professors to protect our children," he said.

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