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Media hit the gas on the ‘Trump is Nixon’ theory

Conservative Review

President Trump is receiving a new round of comparisons to Richard Nixon, after a Friday tweet warning former FBI Director James Comey to beware of “tapes” of conversations he had with the president before speaking to the press.

Director Comey was fired Tuesday after the Justice Department recommended to the president that new leadership was required to restore confidence in the FBI. Some speculate that the president and members of his administration are consumed by anger and paranoia, as the administration is plagued by leaks to the press – and that Comey was a casualty of such. Members of the media have derisively compared President Trump to President Nixon.

The president’s Friday morning tweet has renewed such comparisons.

President Richard Nixon infamously installed tape recorders in areas of the White House and secretly recorded his conversations with administration officials. It is unclear if President Trump is suggesting that he has similarly recorded conversations, if he is referring to alleged surveillance that occurred during the transition last fall, or if he is simply joking.

Most in the mainstream media seem to hold the first interpretation.

Did President Trump secretly record conversations with James Comey? Is he just like Richard Nixon? Clearly there is no evidence as of yet. Hopefully the president is joking. But at the end of the day, President Donald Trump has invited this rabid media speculation.

How he deals with it will reflect what kind of president he will be remembered as.

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