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MSNBC contributor says Levin and others ‘have blood on their hands’ over Pittsburgh

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Just when you thought the mainstream media couldn’t be more divorced from reality, Steve Schmidt – a former GOP campaign operative – enters the picture. Appearing on MSNBC with host Chris Hayes, Schmidt bought into the leftist narrative that somehow conservatives advocating for conservatism caused a deranged man to walk into a synagogue and ruthlessly murder people for their faith.

Worse, Schmidt blamed LevinTV host Mark Levin, a prominent Jewish conservative, outright for the violence against Jews.

Schmidt made the same false assertion people like Brian Stelter have been making: That calling the caravan an “invasion” is inciting violence. What else would you call thousands of people marching toward your border under their nation’s flag?

After denouncing the characterization of “invasion,” Schmidt pivoted his attack to conservative media, saying:

Forty percent of the country has opted into an alternate reality. We have to wake up in this country and understand the danger that this presents to all of us. We can’t put our heads in the sand. Kellyanne Conway, despicably, today goes on national television, she said, well, this shooter’s motives were because there’s an anti-religious sentiment. No, ma’am. The propaganda industry that she commands, with the vile president that she serves, abetted by Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh, and Breitbart, and NewsBusters, and Judicial Watch, and all the rest of them have blood on their hands for the incitements that they have made that have triggered and radicalized these crazy people.

Levin has been advocating for constitutional conservatism and against the dangers of nationalism for decades. He wrote a book outlining the differences between nationalism and conservatism. At the same time, Levin has been a stalwart defender of the Jewish people.

Schmidt is going down a dangerous path that many in the media are taking, equating policy differences with incitements to violence.

Levin addressed the notion that Trump and, in Schmidt’s opinion, Levin himself stoke anti-Semitism on his radio program yesterday.

Levin said, “The media are politicizing this mass murder of American Jews by this subhuman cockroach in Pittsburgh. Shame on them! Shame on them! Just when you think the media have reached a low point, they go lower.”

Wallowing around with the lowest of the low is Steve Schmidt.

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