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NeverTrumper Bushie misses Mark in attack on Levin

Conservative Review

On his radio program Thursday night, LevinTV host Mark Levin once again slammed special prosecutor Robert Mueller for his attempts to set up the impeachment of President Donald Trump. During the program, Levin called Mueller an “executioner.” That phrase set off Peter Wehner, a NeverTrump Bushie. Wehner, who called Levin by the Left’s favorite phrase, “right-wing,” was also upset at Levin for going after Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.

Wehner, as a member of the Bushtablishment, is probably not a regular listener to The Mark Levin Show. So maybe a little education is in order. Levin has been laying out the case for over a year, both on the radio and on LevinTV, that Mueller is not investigating “collusion” but rather trying to find some way to give Democrats a reason to impeach Trump. In that case he is most certainly an “executioner,” hired to kill the Trump presidency.

Levin made that point last night too. Levin said, “This so-called special counsel is a prosecutor, a rogue prosecutor with a single mission, and that is to remove Donald Trump from office and to give the Democrat party arguments to impeach him.”

The most logical reason that Wehner would think that is a shocking statement is that, as a steadfast NeverTrumper, impeachment is exactly what Wehner wants.

It’s hard to fault Wehner, a speechwriter for George W. Bush, for being NeverTrump. When you worked for the administration that oversaw a massive expansion of the welfare state and gave the country No Child Left Behind, there’s a lot to be upset about in the Trump administration’s dismantling of the regulatory state and attempts to walk back your old boss’ signature achievements.

That brings us to Jeff Flake. As an alumnus of the Bush 43 administration, perhaps Wehner remembers Flake as an actual conservative, not the progressive he’s been as a senator. It is so bad for Flake that he consistently polled at a sub-20 percent approval rating in Arizona, which led him to announce that he would not seek re-election.

Levin mentioned Flake because of the Arizona junior senator's sudden renewed attacks on Trump. Just this morning, while in New Hampshire, Flake signaled that he is thinking of running for president in a primary against Trump. Conservative Review’s Chris Pandolfo showed how absurd that notion is.

It’s hard getting up every day having to defend the reckless social engineering of the Bush 43 administration. Perhaps that’s why it's so easy to lash out at a constitutional conservative like Mark Levin.

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