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Progressives have the truth — about 1/1,024 of it

Conservative Review

Sen. Elizabeth Warren nailed it.

The power of progressivism is fueled, not just in her case but in all cases, by the fact that it is 1/1,024 true.

That should certainly make it depressing that we have lost (surrendered?) the culture, education, and the courts to this bunch. But I digress. What’s more important here is that often, there is a tiny shred of truth behind a progressive position that gets bent and twisted into insane contortions so as to confuse the sheep among us. And there are a lot of sheep.

Take the issue of killing babies, for example. There is actually some truth there when the killers say “my body, my choice.” But it is only 1/1,024 of the truth.

The rest of the truth is that it was the woman’s choice to understand the fundamentals of science that tell us where babies come from and to respect that science accordingly. Because progressives love science. They keep telling me so. So love it then and follow it where ever it goes, because it is far more scientifically certain that putting tab A into slot B leads to babies than whatever the latest thing is you’ve heard about global warming. In fact, it is every bit as certain as gravity. Pregnancies don’t happen because of magical dandelion spores that half of the species accidentally inhales on the way to work.

It is also the woman’s choice to be accountable for her actions. Not taking responsibility for these choices is very essence of the sort of privilege that progressives like Warren keep yapping about in white males. Is there any greater privilege than to believe you are so free of consequence that you can not only end the life of another, but end the life of another that you created? In its insane victimology, feminism has created the most tragic of assassins.

All of this seems to be understood on some level by those in Britain and beyond who are busy family-treeing the dickens out of Prince Harry’s forthcoming baby. And they are calling it a baby, not a fetus. Because that’s what it is. A baby. That’s the 1,023/1,024 truth of all this.

A child is born. And it is good.

My good friend Nate Madden at Conservative Review said as much on Twitter:

Take also the 1/1,024 of truth French President Emmanuel Macron has gotten hold of: Turns out he likes educated women, and props to him for that. But what kind of education? And where do you expect that education to take you?

In Emmanuel Macron’s case, it’s apparently to a demographic winter: “I always say: ‘Present me the woman who decided, being perfectly educated, to have seven, eight or nine children.’”

Vive la France! Where the “perfect” cultish education means, as it always does in progressivism, know your place, or you will be made to care.

Education. Choice. Science. All words that are incredibly important and have been put at the heart of preposterous lies that devalue life and liberty. “Did He really say …?” didn’t stop in the Garden of Eden after the serpent first uttered it. It became the shibboleth of the damned for all time. Hell loves its diabolical fractions.

Thankfully, in France we have some cool chicks fighting back against such shibboleths under the hashtag #postcardsforMacron, complete with pictures of their large families and a headline that includes the various college degrees they have earned.

The truth behind those pictures isn’t fractional, but a whole number representing the whole truth progressives like Warren daily seek to deny. While Warren may only be 1/1,024 Native America, her progressive worldview is 100 percent dishonest.

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