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Reps. Dan Crenshaw and Chip Roy went to the border. Here's what they say we need

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Texas Republican Reps. Dan Crenshaw and Chip Roy recently toured the southern border with U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, and both say that physical barriers are needed to secure the border.

Speaking on Fox News, Crenshaw said his biggest takeaway from the trip is that "walls work."

"Do walls work? The answer is very clearly yes. That's exactly what we're seeing," Crenshaw said.

On Sunday, Roy told "Fox & Friends" that what he saw at the border was "shocking."

"One thing you know for sure is that the cartels have operational control of our southern border, particularly along the Rio Grande valley sector," Roy said.

Roy described how the cartels are making profits by trafficking drugs and human beings.

"It's unconscionable that we as a nation, the most powerful nation the world has ever known, are allowing this to happen in our back yard where these little girls, these kids, are getting exploited by cartels as they move through the Rio Grande Valley."

Roy and Crenshaw both pointed to the success of fencing and infrastructure in the eastern portion of the Rio Grande Valley and compared it to the western section, which has little physical infrastructure and a bigger migrant problem.

"The idea that fencing doesn't work is completely silly, and the Border Patrol knows it, and they're begging us, literally begging us, to come down and give them the resources they need — more agents, fencing, cameras — so they can do their jobs," Roy said.

He also had harsh words for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

"The speaker of the House is embarrassing herself. She should get her head out of her rear end and stop ignoring what's happening on our southern border so that we can protect American citizens and protect the migrants who seek to come here."

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