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Republicans: Want to win? Use the blueprint Trump gave you

Conservative Review

There is a wonderful video going around that combines footage of reporters saying there is no leftist mob with actual footage of leftist mobs.

The campaign commercials are truly just writing themselves these days. And my state’s Republican governor, Kim Reynolds, better take note of that right quick if she wants to be re-elected in a few weeks.

Because so far, she’s doing it wrong, and she's not alone. As I watch candidates' ads across the country, Republicans by and large seem to want to address everything except the cultural transformation sought by the Left. After all, wasn't one of the reasons Donald Trump shocked forecasters such as myself in 2016 his willingness to embrace those cultural flash points the GOP base cares most about?

Instead, Reynolds is running a campaign commercial that attacked her opponent for being a corporate zombie who hates the working man.

Note to Reynolds: That’s a Democrat campaign commercial, and a bad one at that.

What on earth is she doing? The voters who believe that class warfare crap are already well ensconced within the progressive cult. So by courting them, you are not only failing to improve your stock among imaginary legions of moderates, but you are also depressing your own base. There’s a ton of conservative red meat out there that Reynolds is clearly choosing to ignore and that she’s earned the right to use.

For example, Reynolds' opponent is a former chairman of Planned Parenthood in Iowa and purchased property for the PP death merchants to open a clinic in. That’s the kind of cultural flash point that ultimately led to Trump’s right to put that spiffy title of “President of the United States” on his desk.

Whether he fully believed his talking points or not, he simply never pulled his punches on the campaign trail. He didn’t just say abortion was bad, but he said he was going to appoint Supreme Court judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade. And the crowd. Went. Wild.

So why do Reynolds and so many Republicans like her play it so softly? She was just asked at her first gubernatorial debate, “What’s the one thing you won’t compromise on?” Her answer was one word: "Life."

Right. On. So why isn’t that a campaign commercial? Why isn’t the heartbeat bill that you signed during the last legislative session one of the signature shout-outs of your campaign? Why aren’t you contrasting it with Planned Parenthood’s freezers full of baby parts for sale? Why aren’t you talking about protecting the very nature of reality — things like how many genders there are and that under the Left’s rule, you must be willing to change your religion or lose your business?

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