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RINOcare failed in these US territories

Conservative Review

This is America. Does one-sixth of our economy really have to look like the grocery shelves in Venezuela? Are we really condemned to a 2018 market and beyond, as the World Street Journal recently reported, that will consist of fewer insurance options and even higher prices? Well, if the binary political class has their way with their false choice between keeping crushing insurance regulations and … keeping crushing insurance regulations, that will be our future. It’s time for Americans of all stripes — not just conservatives — to rise up and demand better.

For years, and particularly since November 2016, we have been sounding the alarm that Republicans have come to peace with the current Venezuelan system of health care and had no intention of repealing the meat and potatoes of Obamacare. We argued the only debate left between the parties would be the nature of the subsidies (because we are no longer talking about affordable insurance), the requirement to buy, and whether employers must provide insolvent insurance. Which is why Republicans are having such a difficult time at town halls. Nobody is providing their constituents with a vision to break out of this existing paradigm.

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