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The Freedom Caucus is right. Speaker Ryan said so himself

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Amidst the hullabaloo over the death of RINOcare, there is an overlooked comment from Speaker Paul Ryan that, if taken at face value, holds the solution for President Trump on health care. If the president was actually serious about keeping his promise to repeal Obamacare, he’d call Ryan out for this comment and demand that he immediately pass the Freedom Caucus’ plan.

The entire point of contention in this debate is over the meat and potatoes of Obamacare. Republicans claim to oppose Obamacare, but then they say they love the coverage mandates. The problem is the coverage mandates are the elements solely responsible for making Obamacare insolvent and destroying the insurance market. This has always been the position of the Freedom Caucus, which is the only coherent position among Republicans. Guess what? It turns out Paul Ryan agrees. Here’s what he said during his Friday press conference:

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