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Think tariffs are a good idea? Mark Levin ends the debate once and for all

Conservative Review

LevinTV host Mark Levin is not afraid to oppose terrible ideas, no matter who's behind them. Monday night on his radio show, Levin broke down President Trump's decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

"Fair trade, you see, is raising taxes massively ... on everything you purchase that has steel, aluminum, or lumber in it. That, they say, is fair trade 'cause it will punish the Chinese. It doesn't punish the Chinese -- it punishes you!" Levin exclaimed.

"And where do you think that money goes?" continued Levin. "Two places: It goes into the federal government, and these favored industries are able to jack up their prices."

"At the root of this is a lack of understanding about liberty and capitalism, and it's truly sad." Levin added. "Because liberty and capitalism go to the core of this nation."

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