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This week’s sign of the apocalypse is upon us – and we deserve it

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Of course our politics suck. After all, look at how comfortably numb most of those voting these politicians into office are.

Take, for example, radio station CAVE-FM in Benson, Ariz., which has recently drawn attention for running a public service announcement that states the following:

“Never keep paper pictures, tapes or films of naked juveniles where anyone else can find them.”

Turns out the radio station’s owner, Paul Lotsof, isn’t a fan of child porn laws that make sexual exploitation of a minor a felony punishable by up to 24 years in prison. He says that possessing lewd pictures of children is different from creating such pictures and yada yada yada, whatever. I don’t give a rip — because I refuse to spend one single second laying out this miscreant’s case for him.

Whatever libertarian streak I may have definitely stops at getting turned on by little kids; I ain’t doing live-and-let-live on that front. Child porn is from the pit of hell, and if you possess it you are heading there. So if the law smacks you around for possessing such filth, then justice has been served and may God have mercy on your soul.

But there’s an added dimension to this particular story that makes things much worse.

The public service announcement in question didn’t run just once before it drew the public’s scorn. Or for an entire day. Or for even one long and depraved week.

No, it took a full TWO YEARS before the red flags finally went up via a Facebook post.

To quote Yoda: “That is why you fail.”

For if your cultural antenna is so bent and twisted that it can’t pick up a clear danger signal where child porn is concerned until the Earth has taken two trips around the sun, then the current state of your political dialogue shouldn’t be expected to be anything other than the preposterous steaming pile that it is today.

Oh, and you should probably be plummeting into the sun instead of revolving around it. Where are you, SMOD? Please deliver us.

The progressive jihad’s itchy trigger finger has made bigots of everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

It has hijacked the courts. It has turned universities into ministries of propaganda with brown-shirted arsonists enforcing its pagan gospel. It has made journalism into a punchline.

It has shut down businesses who won’t bake the cake. It has told fathers who don’t believe grown men in dresses should be naked in the bathroom with their wives or daughters that they are backward-thinking Neanderthals. It has embraced Islam while making Christianity an enemy of the state.

It has wrapped its arms around feral “refugees" who prey on innocent women as a hobby. It has looked at video of dismembered babies and cackling murderers masquerading as doctors/scientists/businessmen/women’s advocates, and applauded.

That’s how progressivism rolls — it sees the color pitch black and proclaims, “We can go darker still.”

But as for any potential forces of light, they sit drunk in the pseudo-comforts of the modern age and protect themselves — both consciously and unconsciously — from acknowledging the growing cancer within. They take the path of David with Bathsheba instead of the path of David with Goliath.

Yes, both a hero and a villain rests within each one of us. But at least villains take a side! Many of us are bystanders — so morally and spiritually numb that it took two years for someone to sound the shofar over a PSA for pedophiles.

Because when we’re keeping up with the Kardashians, and which gender their troubled stepfather is this week, we ain’t got time for something as trite as protecting our children. Many of us think we can just kill our kids before they’re born anyway.

So, yes, scorn radio station owner Paul Lotsof with extreme prejudice — for he most definitely deserves it. Yet save at least a little of your disdain for the culture that didn’t even notice what he was doing all this time — the same culture that didn’t know what Kermit Gosnell was doing all that time, either. (And most of us still don’t.)

Then ask yourself this: Who’s the bigger knuckle-dragger? The knuckle-dragger himself … or those who ignore the awful sound of his knuckles dragging along the ground?

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