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It’s time for the Forgotten Man Caucus

Conservative Review

There’s representation in Congress for everyone and everything except we the people.

There’s a truculent coalition in both parties to promote illegal aliens.

There’s a bipartisan obsession with undoing all of the tough-on-crime laws on behalf of the worst federal criminals.

Funding for the Iranian-backed Baghdad government and the Afghan pedophile brigades is sacred.

Any time the insurance or hospital cartels say jump, they ask how high?

Medicaid is king.

Ethanol is emperor and oil refineries are now going out of business because of its officious mandate.

What about those of us who are not illegal aliens, not criminals, and are not asking for any handouts but just don’t want to shoulder the burden of the Democrat Party electoral money-laundering schemes and programs that line the pockets of greedy cartels and their lobbyists?

How come there’s no coalition within Congress to observe all of these problems and the forgotten issues of the forgotten men and women of this country who merely want to live by the document we adopted in 1789?

Last night, the House passed the biggest spending betrayal since Obama’s first year in office. Republicans are going on an unprecedented spending binge during an economic boom.

Here’s the kicker: There were twice as many Democrats as Republicans who opposed a bill that was a Christmas tree of Democrat wishes simply because it didn’t also contain amnesty, even though they are getting amnesty next week. Only 67 Republicans voted no because leadership insidiously mixed in some legitimate disaster spending with fake disaster spending, handouts to the health care cartel, a blank-check debt ceiling increase, and busting-budget caps that will lead to trillions more in spending over 10 years. The vote in the Senate was 71-28, with only 16 Republicans voting against it. And only Rand Paul and Mike Lee did anything meaningful to speak out against it. Sadly, Ted Cruz, being from Texas, was ensnared in the hurricane trap.

The president needs to do some soul-searching

And where is the president? The last time I checked, he still had a veto pen and a pretty robust bully pulpit. This bill is 180 degrees the opposite of everything he promised in his budget blueprint that his Office of Management and Budget released last year. He just signed a bill that is $227 billion more than he asked for, and that is just for FY 2018! This will be trillions over 10 years.

Sensing the anger from his base, the president resorted to the typical Republican talking point about the need to elect more Republicans:

The problem is that even if Republicans win the election, they will never have 60 seats. Thus, unless Trump is willing to use his veto pen and bully pulpit as a means of forcing some sort of change in values and process changes to the 60-vote threshold, his presidency is done. And now that Republicans scuttled budget reconciliation, he will not accomplish a single thing to run on this year in order to get more Republicans elected!

Trump was supposed to be that man standing for the forgotten men and women of this country. The excuses are lame when he has veto authority and has refused to veto even a single one of these budgets that fund every priority for Democrats but not his priorities on abortion, sanctuary cities, and the wall. Sure, Republicans don’t have 60 votes. But neither do Democrats. And they don’t have the House or the presidential veto pen, either. So why do they get everything they want?

The Freedom Caucus needs to take it to the next level or die

It’s undeniable that there is a need for a second party in this country that will rival the unibrow Republicrat party. In the meantime, the few conservatives left in the House and Senate need to ask themselves some tough questions about how to proceed and their purpose in even running for re-election.

The only path forward is for members of the Freedom Caucus and other self-described conservatives to immediately convene a working group with the few remaining outside conservatives and declare independence from this entire oligarchy. They should use every mechanism to block both parties and stop negotiating with Paul Ryan. The speaker has broken every promise and has taken the endless compromises from the Freedom Caucus and harnessed them to beat down conservatives.

It’s time to think big-picture. They should draft a new contract with America on 10 promises dealing with health care, welfare, spending, foreign policy, judicial reform, term limits, and abolishing corporate welfare. They should immediately introduce crisp legislation that is easy to understand and simple to message. Then they should take their message to the outside and shame leadership for not giving their bills a vote. Simultaneously, they should completely secede from the GOP conference and refuse to cooperate with any of the Republicans’ procedural votes for any reason until the GOP platform is restored.

Until now, they’ve been playing small ball. They agreed to amnesty in return for a vote on a better bill and never got the vote. So now it’s time to oppose all amnesty in every form.

They agreed to vote for budget bills in order to get long-term funding for the military but were stabbed in the back. Now it’s time to oppose every single bill that spends a single cent on anything until real reforms are instituted.

Additionally, they should take their message directly to the president and demonstrate how this is the only way to fulfill his campaign promises and that they are his meal ticket to a second term.

Finally, they should immediately bring a privileged motion to the floor to “vacate the chair” and oust Paul Ryan from the speakership.

In this era of social media, it’s much easier for a group of committed patriots to stand for the forgotten men and women of this country and expose the duplicity of the cartels who used to operate without any exposure. But that would require the Freedom Caucus to finally take this to the next level and end their abusive relationship with the lying oligarchs who control this Orwellian party.

They should internalize the words of Jesse Helms:

Compromise, hell! That’s what has happened to us all down the line—and that’s the very cause of our woes. If freedom is right and tyranny is wrong, why should those who believe in freedom treat it as if it were a roll of bologna to be bartered a slice at a time?

And there’s not much time left, because beginning Monday, the oligarch is proceeding to the icing on the cake – amnesty for the chosen people at the expense of the forgotten citizen.

For those members who want to do the right thing but are worried about their re-election, they must ask themselves the obvious question: What is the point of returning to Congress next year unless you change the game?

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