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Time to visit your school board

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We won’t be able to keep this nation alive if we can’t effectively counteract these constant threats from the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party now has the unions, all of the agitator groups funded by George Soros and Tom Steyer and the rest, including this so-called Women’s March movement, at its command to agitate and feed off national outrage and anger and to rub raw our political differences.

If we cannot stop them from whipping up masses of people, taking over our political system, and teaching it to our children, we must do something to offer a semblance of order and civility to preserve the promise of the American way of life.

National organizers have already taken over the atrocity of the Parkland, Florida, shooting and are planning school walkouts. They are taking over our school schedules to make a political statement to demand gun control measures. This presumptuous action should be distasteful to most Americans who value law and order and civil discourse.

Yet how many school districts will allow children to walk out of their studies for a political statement from the anti-American mobs simply because the wackos called for it and the media pushed it?

Hard leftists are taking over the way our children respond to adversity. It is wrong, and we have to fight back. If we are unable to do this, now, then we are saying goodbye to the next generation of youth’s understanding of our right to bear arms.

Several generations now believe the leftists’ version of the way to gain peace and order, and those ways actually gain us neither. Just as the Left fights against security at our southern border, ignoring threats from some very bad people who want to do us harm, they fight against security at our schools, with our most precious people left like sitting ducks for evildoers who wish to do them harm.

We who stand for our constitutional rights and understand why those rights are important are the people who want peace. We want law and order. We are the ones who want no more school shootings. We are the ones who want all of these things, and we are being smeared in the most ugly, heinous ways imaginable. They call us murderers. We don’t own guns to murder; that’s the last thing in the world we want.

This is serious.

Everybody: Go to your local school board meetings and ask, “What are we going to do to stop potential school shootings in our own community?” Stop looking to the federal government for answers. Invite dialogue. Be nice, be kind, as Lincoln said, “With malice toward none.”

Ask your school boards if they intend to let the children take part in a partisan political statement during school hours. Admonish them if they are complicit. The schools can prove they have control of the student body if and when they threaten and then follow through with suspensions for those who walk out.

Local communities must take care of one another when threats are increased. We have a rage problem in this nation right now, and they’re talking about destroying our Second Amendment rights because of it.

Instead of the high emotion and theatrics pushed by the Left, we have to work ourselves into a solution in our communities. Drop the poisonous political tactics. Let everyone be heard as long as everyone remains civil. We have to look out for one another and stop thinking some faraway government is going to fix everything.

If the Left’s answer to everything is hyperpolarization and mobocracy, we must fight back with physical presence at our school’s governmental meetings. The school board is elected by voters who pay taxes to keep the schools running. Don’t let the meetings pass by without registering your expectations!

The adults need to be in charge of schools, instead of leaving the next generation in charge of this venomous crowd that continues to perpetuate pro-disarmament policies.

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