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Verrit: Because the MSM isn’t pro-Hillary ENOUGH

Conservative Review

Believe it or not, there are some people who think that the mainstream media was not “pro-Hillary” enough during the 2016 election and that is why she lost — sorry for making you snort your morning coffee out your nose. But seriously, these people exist, and now they have their very own website. Former Hillary Clinton campaign adviser and current professional Clinton sycophant Peter Daou has started Verrit, which Politico’s media critic said looked like “North Korean agitprop.”

Here’s how Daou described the launch.

Then Daou went on to explain how he knew there would be “copy cats” and that he created unique numerical validation codes to ensure they were his verrits and not fake ones. But that’s not the meat of what Daou thinks he’s doing. Here’s the full scope of his delusion of self-grandeur for Verrit:

Daou also celebrated the echo chamber he has created.

Daou actually thinks the media is trying to “silence$rdquo; Hillary Clinton.

If it weren’t true, the creation of this website and explanations for why it exists would make a great parody. Verrit and the story of its creation were tailor-made for the hashtag #nottheonion.

The website itself doesn’t actually report news. It is a social media aggregator of pro-Clinton and anti-conservative social media accounts and quotes. It is basically a curated, propagandized Twitter feed.

Politico media reporter Jack Shafer ­— who disclosed his own run-ins with Daou — had this to say about Daou and the website.

Just as you should never review a play during tryouts, it’s a tad unfair to assess a website on the week of its birth. To be generous, Verrit isn’t completely without merit. The card gimmick is interesting even if the serial number is stupid. So give Daou credit for playing with the Web form and for starting something new, especially after finding himself on the losing end of so many campaigns and initiatives. Attaboy, Peter!

As a general rule, I admire the partisan press, appreciating its power to build political cadre and motivate people. But if the goal is to build a center-liberal movement, how sturdy of a foundation is Hillary Clinton? How many of the 65.8 million who voted for Clinton share Daou’s creepy devotion? It’s not like she buried Bernie Sanders in the Democratic campaign. Like Al Gore or John Kerry, Clinton now belongs to the loser’s club. She’s a spent force in Democratic Party politics, good for a speech or a fundraiser maybe, but no more.

Daou’s Clinton worship is beginning to resemble the adoration that New Deal romantics poured onto Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1950s. As any student of pop culture can tell you, an interval of five or 10 years must transpire before the attempted revival of an icon. Verrit is a sad nostalgia act, ahead of its time.

With a whirlwind book launch garnering Clinton a lot of media attention, Daou’s contention that she is getting a raw deal from the press is wholly without merit. In fact the media continues to prop Clinton up even as members of her own party are openly wishing that she’d just retire to Chappaqua and enjoy her millions and take walks with the dog.

What Verrit does best is prove the notion that there’s a website for anyone. Even if that anyone is someone who actually thinks the media doesn’t like Hillary Clinton.

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