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Vote Alert: Confirm Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Conservative Review

One of the most critical questions of the 2016 presidential election was which party would fill late Justice Antonin Scalia’s empty seat on the United States Supreme Court. Following his election, President Trump nominated the politically conservative, philosophically originalist Neil Gorsuch from his list of 21 potential picks. Gorsuch’s nomination would arguably decide the balance and trajectory of the highest court in the land for a decade.

After a grueling, 4-day confirmation hearing, Gorsuch’s nomination was reported out of committee and brought to the Senate floor for consideration. Democrats blocked the Gorsuch nomination with a filibuster because Gorsuch was not considered a liberal judicial activist. This prompted GOP leadership to utilize the “nuclear option” to end filibusters for Supreme Court nominees.

This vote on the final confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to be an associate justice on the Supreme Court passed on April 7, 2017 in a roll call vote of 54-45.

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