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Vote Alert: Stop Government-Funded Sex Changes in the Military

Conservative Review

This vote was on an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act offered by Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo., to stop the government from paying for sex-change operations for transgendered members of the military.

The purpose of the United States military is to secure the defense of this country against foreign threats. It is not a place for left-wing social experimentation.

By paying for sex-change operations with taxpayer dollars, Congress is permitting a transgender individual to sign up for the military and immediately start drawing paychecks while delaying deployment for up to two years of his or her service. During this time, the individual can receive up to two years of hormone therapy and must be certified “stable” in his or her new gender before deployment.

This time and these resources could be far better spent equipping and deploying soldiers in defense of this country who do not suffer from gender dysphoria. Sadly, Congress is acquiescing to the demands of the LGBT special interests rather than prioritizing the defense of this country.

The Hartzler amendment was defeated in the House of Representatives on July 13, 2017, in a roll call vote of 209-214.

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