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Watch: Democrat senator expects Pompeo to resign if Trump fires Mueller

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At secretary of state nominee Mike Pompeo's Senate confirmation hearing Thursday, Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., asked a question that shows where the Democrats are ultimately headed with the Mueller probe.

Coons asked Pompeo if he would resign from the secretary of state position should President Trump fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

This is a revealing question. It shows that if President Trump exercises his constitutional authority to fire the special counsel, the Democrats will not only go after Trump with obstruction of justice claims, they will also demand that every conservative in the Trump administration resign in principle.

If they don't? Democrats will accuse conservatives in the administration of supporting or aiding the president in "obstructing justice" and they will demand their heads. The Left's Russian collusion conspiracy will not end with President Trump. The Democrats will use it to persecute every member of the Trump administration.

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