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Watch: Marco Rubio explains why doing 'something' to stop gun violence isn't enough

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On Thursday, Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla. took to the Senate floor to speak about the Florida high school shooting that police say left seventeen dead Wednesday after gunman Nikolas Cruz attacked his former classmates.

Rubio responded to calls from his colleagues to do "something" — meaning pass stricter gun control — to prevent future mass shootings.

"I agree with that sentiment, I understand it," Rubio said. "And I would add, though, if we do something, it should be something that works."

"Just because these proposals would not have prevented these does not mean that we therefore just raise our hands and say, 'therefore there's nothing we can do,'" Rubio said. But he explained that more gun control laws would not have prevented yesterday's attack.

Rubio noted that these mass shootings tend to have two things in common. The first, is that they are premeditated and planned. Additional laws will fail to prevent shootings because "when someone is planning and premeditating an attack, they will figure out a way to evade those laws, or quite frankly, to comply with them in order to get around it," Rubio said.

Secondly, mass shootings are often preceded by "clear signs of what was to come." The suspected shooter appeared to have showed signs of mental instability. He was expelled from school for threatening his classmates and his peers have stated to the media that it once was a "running joke" that he would one day attack the school.

The problem is that these "warning signs" were not taken together, Rubio said. The suspect passed a background check. The suspect was previously alerted to the FBI. Yet he was able to carry out his evil act anyway.

"Hence the challenge for why it's so hard to find something that works," Rubio said.

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