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WOW! NY state assemblyman calls out fellow Democrats: 'Stop being crybabies!'

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A Democratic New York state assemblyman is calling on his fellow Democrats to "stop being crybabies" amid the hysterical and unhinged reaction to President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In a video posted to social media Tuesday afternoon, State Assemblyman Dov Hikind urged his party to "Get a grip on REALITY & stop trying to DIVIDE America."

"What's going on in the Democratic Party, you would think it's the end of the world," Hikind said. "Can we stop being crybabies in the Democratic Party? Can we stop whining? A debate regarding this candidate? That's fine. But the impression that this is the end of the world, that American democracy and that our values are being destroyed by this candidate to the Supreme Court — It's outrageous! It's crazy!"

Hikind reminded his fellow Democrats that Donald Trump is the president, not Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton. He said the Democrats are behaving like "little children" in complaining against Kavanaugh for being a conservative, despite his qualifications.

"This is how our system of democracy works. Fellow members of the Democratic Party, can we grow up? Can we stop being crybabies? Can we stop complaining that it's not fair and we're going to stop this?"

He also called out the "extreme rhetoric" of Democratic leaders as "dangerous" and said it "undermines American democracy," pointing to former Virginia Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe's tweet claiming Kavanaugh's nomination would threaten "the lives of millions" as an example.

It's refreshing to see at least one Democrat act like a sane person. But odds are his party won't listen to him.

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