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WTF MSM!? Google wants to fight 'fake news'

Conservative Review

Ground-shifting …

Fake news fighting … The company that owns YouTube, which routinely throttles conservative content, is now pledging $300 million to fight “fake news.” What could possibly go wrong? Google announced yesterday that it is committing that whopping $300 million to something it is calling the “Google News Initiative.” The program will step up the company’s efforts to fight disinformation on the web and to help fund newsrooms. For instance, you’ll be able to use your Google account to buy subscriptions to online newspapers, like the Washington Post.

Fighting disinformation is an important goal. But based on past practices, will we really be able to trust Google to be a neutral arbiter of what is and isn’t disinformation? Or will the company’s left-wing bias guide the way once more?

Really? … The disgraced former anchor of NBC Nightly News, who was demoted to late prime time on MSNBC for spreading fake news, is openly attacking the “courage” of Republican members of Congress. Brian Williams recently said that Republicans lack the “courage” to impeach President Donald Trump. The real question is: Does Williams have the courage to report the truth? Or is he still just making things up?

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