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WTF MSM!? It's getting hot out here

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At world’s end …

R.E.M. cycle … “It’s the end of the world as we know it.” That is the message of virtually everyone in the media today. At The Federalist, Bre Payton highlighted “15 Over-The-Top reactions To Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal.” Not all of them are from the press, but all of them are WTF-worthy. While you read the rest of today’s newsletter, crank up this tune.

Rand schools Tapper … A very concerned Jake Tapper had Rand Paul on CNN yesterday to talk about the Paris accord. During his hit, Paul hit back after Tapper told him, “All of it [climate change predictions] has happened.” Paul shot back, admonishing Tapper to “make sure that your viewers know that most of [climate scientists’] models has been wrong.” Watch via RealClearPolitics.

It’s gettin’ hot out here … Amy Harder, the “climate change reporter,” yes, that’s a thing, tweeted yesterday that it was “too hot out here for my iPhone.” To prove her point, she tweeted out a picture of the temperature warning screen on her phone. This was meant to underscore the need for the Paris accord. A quick search of the weather showed that it was two degrees under the normal June high temperature for Washington, D.C.

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