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WTF MSM!? 'Journalism is activism'

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Activists or objective? …

Activism … The co-editor-in-chief of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School newspaper told CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter that “journalism is a form of activism” on his cable program Sunday. It was met with no pushback from Stelter. The student then told Stelter that “journalism has made this entire thing [March for Our Lives] possible.” You can watch the exchange here. Hotline’s Josh Kraushaar has it right in his response: “It’s this mentality that’s killing trust in our profession.” Exactly.

This journalist agrees … Tweeting in response to Kraushaar, Matt Pearce, the national correspondent for the LA Times, agreed with the student from MSD. Pearce tweeted:

Journalism *is* activism in its most basic form. The entire basis for its ethical practice is the idea that a democracy requires an informed citizenry in order to function. Choosing what you want people to know is a form of activism, even if it’s not the march-and-protest kind.

Now that’s an admission. Pearce admits that he believes a journalist’s role is to choose what he or she wants people to know: Selective facts to push an agenda. Which is exactly what conservatives have been accusing the media of for years.

Case in point … Here’s video of NBC’s Chuck Todd equating the march on Saturday to civil rights marches, abortion rights marches, tea party, and the Million Man March. Notice how he conveniently leaves out the yearly March for Life.

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