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WTF MSM!? Nazi flags, commie flags & the the Left's silencing

Conservative Review

Saturday’s events were horrifying and all too commonplace …

Before delving into the media reaction, and non-reactions, from Saturday’s horrendous domestic terrorist attack that left one person dead and almost a score injured in Virginia, I want to be explicitly clear: There is no place in the conservative movement for white supremacists or Nazis. There should also be no place in liberal movements for communists, anarchists, and others who go to violence first.

Over the past year, Charlottesville was not the first bit of political violence, and not even the first violent political rally. Unfortunately, it will not be the last, as was seen in Seattle last night. 

The double standard …

Glorifying communists … Both Nazis and communists are wrong and ideologies that should not be tolerated in this country. Except in most of the media, communists get a pass — and they shouldn’t. Take, for example, last evening. There was a demonstration in Boston against what happened in Charlottesville, as there should have been. However, at that protest were proudly displayed flags of the Soviet Union — the hammer and sickle. CBS Boston had a photo in their article, but made no mention of the violent nature of communist counter-protesters. Communism has killed more people since the turn of the last century than any other “ism.”

Calling out both sides isn’t “what-about-ism” … The go-to line of the Left recently, when bringing up when liberals have done the things they accuse conservatism of is: “That’s just what-about-ism.” This was rampant after the horrific events at Charlottesville. The National Review’s Rich Lowry notes that both sides should be called out, and uses a NYT writer’s tweets to make the case. Lowry notes that the neo-Nazis were the impetus for the violence, but both they (and Antifa) joined in.

Must-read in the Atlantic … A very timely piece. Before what happened in Charlottesville, The Atlantic writer Peter Beinart took a deep dive into “The Rise of the Violent Left” and how the violent Left is giving oxygen to neo-Nazis and other radical groups on the opposite side. The fact that Antifa has not caused a death is not for lack of trying. We must fight back against Antifa with as much vigor as we do Nazis.  This article lays out the reasons why, and it is a must read.

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