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Trump risks lame duck status unless he clears out Obama holdovers

Conservative Review

At this point in the Obama administration, the newly-minted messiah had full control over every nook and cranny of the executive branch. There was not one morsel of dissent, much less sabotage percolating through the ranks of former GOP presidential appointees within the deep state of the various departments. Fast forward eight years and President Trump is at the cusp of losing control over his presidency if he doesn’t immediately fire all of the Obama appointees. As Mark Levin warned last night, there is a silent coup within the intelligence agencies and that is the real scandal.

Conservatives of all stripes warned incessantly throughout the presidential primary and again after Trump’s upset victory in November that we needed this Republican administration to be different. We swore that we wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of the past when Democrats fully stock their administrations with likeminded leftists and Republican successors leave many liberal holdovers in place. Yet, that is exactly what has happened. Not only have these Obama holdovers sabotaged Trump’s policy preferences, they have spied upon administration officials and have leaked sensitive information to the media.

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