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Lawrence Jones: 'I’m convinced that hate does not discriminate\

Lawrence Jones

I could barely finish the video of the kidnapped Chicago teen. His kidnapping, and subsequent torture, reminded me of the sickening persecution that took place during the Jim Crow era. Then I began thinking about watching the movie "Roots"; people forcefully taken from their homes, tortured, and left to a life of destitute for no other reason than the color of their skin. Now, more than ever, I’m convinced that hate does not discriminate.

Now, let’s talk about how this relates to Black Lives Matters (BLM), as some people have mentioned. It has nothing to do with BLM. BLM is a movement that started off with good intentions. Trust me; I get there’s a disconnect between my community and the police. I don’t believe the violent few of the movement speaks for all the members. According to the Police Chief these four violent offenders had no connections with BLM.  I feel the same way about Trump supporters. Although we saw some of his followers fighting at the rallies, saying hateful rhetoric, and even sucker punching protesters the majority of his followers are hard working Americans that are fed up with a corrupt government. 

Let me be clear- we are all fed up. We are fed up with the corruption, violence, bullying, and THE HATE. Not to mention this hate crime occurs on the precipice of MLK Jr. day. Listen up offenders- YOU are responsible for furthering the divide between the Black community and police, white people, Trump supporters… should I go on?

Educate yourselves, and start practicing equal rights for ALL. That’s the only way that we are all going to heal- not just how the Black community is going to heal…

See my Facebook Live on the Chicago kidnapping and torture below:

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