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Planned Parenthood Murders Children — None of Their Other 'Services' Matter

A pro-choice rally on Capitol Hill, July 11, 2013 in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

I lived in Delaware in 2010, a few miles from the pediatric offices of Dr. Earl Bradley. I'd never heard of him until the news started reporting that he'd been indicted on felony charges. His crime: raping more than a hundred of his patients. His youngest victims were no more than 3 or 4 months old. He was the worst serial pedophile in American history.

This Dec. 23, 2009, photo shows Dr. Earl B. Bradley's office "BayBees" in Georgetown, Delaware. From the outside, Bradley’s office looked like a fun place to visit: a merry-go-round and miniature Ferris wheel twirled in the yard, a statue of Buzz Lightyear perched on the roof and a purple hippo swung from a sign. Prosecutors say the doctor’s office was a chamber of horrors where Bradley sexually abused scores of patients. (AP/Chuck Snyder)

Bradley was convicted on all counts and sentenced to a century in solitary confinement. His practice had to pay out $100 million to his victims. His offices were shut down and demolished. Members of the community came and watched as the bulldozers trampled it into dust.


All of this despite the fact that, when he wasn't sexually abusing his patients, he provided useful care. Perhaps he saved lives. It stands to reason he might have detected signs of cancer or other serious illnesses in children and referred them to specialists on any number of occasions. It's certain that he did offer legitimate medical treatment to hundreds of kids. And he operated in a small beach town in a small state where the loss of the local pediatrician was a terrible inconvenience to many people.

Yet, noticeably, there were no discussions of whatever "good" the doctor might have done. No parents came forward to defend him. Nobody spoke up with stories about the times Bradley did other things besides sexually assault and exploit young children. Bradley had no apologists. It was as if everything he'd ever accomplished in his medical career and in his life didn't matter because he raped toddlers. In fact most people assumed, probably correctly, that he really got into medicine so he'd have access to kids. Even the "good" medical services he provided were really meant as a way of attracting and conditioning new victims. Bradley was so bad that even his "good" was bad.

Now, do you know why nobody tried to rationalize for Bradley? Do you know why nobody talked about the "other stuff" he did? Do you know why nobody attempted to tabulate what percentage of his business was rape and what percentage was valuable medical care? Do you know why nobody worried that shutting down the rapist's clinic might impede people's access to medical services? Do you know why none of us locals ever argued that he should be prohibited from sexually brutalizing his patients but allowed to continue practicing medicine for the sake of public health? Because that would have been insane.

It would have been so morally repugnant, so disgusting, so idiotic, so depraved and repulsive and outrageous and psychotic, that anyone who breathed a word of such things would have been reasonably accused of being a pedophile or pedophile sympathizer. If you do what Bradley did, you go to prison forever and every trace of your existence and your work will be wiped from the face of the Earth, and nobody will care about what else you did. What remains — besides the tattered and destroyed lives you left in your wake — will be preserved as a testament to the horrors you committed.

Dr. Bradley is a monster, but he's no worse than Planned Parenthood. Bradley molested a hundred kids. Planned Parenthood stabs, poisons, crushes and dismembers hundreds of thousands of kids a year. Yet, somehow, while not a single person anywhere in the country ever came close to suggesting that the "other stuff" Bradley did made up for the bad, millions of people make that argument for Planned Parenthood.

Leaving aside the vicious souls who outright justify the murder of innocent children, many Planned Parenthood defenders admit that abortion is wrong, that it takes a human life, but still insist the organization should remain open — and indeed receive federal funding — because of the "other stuff." Think about how horrified and disgusted you'd be if someone took Bradley's side by using the "look at the other stuff" argument. That's how horrifying and disgusting it is to take Planned Parenthood's side for the same reason.

This rationale was trotted out thousands of times Monday when Texas announced its decision to cut off Medicaid funding of Planned Parenthood in the state. Many Planned Parenthood defenders took to blogs and social media, sputtering that Planned Parenthood's "other stuff" is so valuable and righteous that it basically negates the whole baby-killing thing. Some apologists fretted that ending funding in Texas would universally "end health care access for poor women."

A woman sent me an email last night with this line:

I'm very anti abortion but Planned Parenthood does so many other things that are important for women. It makes no sense to try to destroy the whole organization when they do so much good also and abortion is such a small part of their business. It's only 3 percent! And the tax money doesn't even go towards abortion!

Her opinion is echoed by many millions of people. Perhaps the average Planned Parenthood apologist won't identify herself as "very anti abortion" (though quite a few do), but they will all claim Planned Parenthood should be judged apart from the little pesky detail of the 330,000 babies it executes every year.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards testifies before a House committee. (Image source: C-SPAN)

Of course, the logic doesn't stand on its own merits. Abortion isn't a "small part" of Planned Parenthood's business. Cecile Richards admitted under oath that 86 percent of its non-government revenue comes from abortion. The organization gets away with claiming 86 percent is actually 3 percent by "unbundling" its services. So if a woman comes in for an abortion and on the way out the door they hand her some birth control, a pregnancy test (their way of saying "come back soon") and a box of Altoids, they'll count abortion as only one-fourth of the "services provided." Obvious and blatant misdirection.

Meanwhile, some of the "other stuff" is entirely mythological. Cecile Richards confessed under oath that she lied when she repeatedly claimed her company offers mammograms. They don't. As for the other "other stuff," it's absurd on its face to suggest Planned Parenthood is the only place where women can find it. There are many non-abortion health centers that provide care to women. There'd be more if the government funded the clinics that manage to help women while refraining from crushing baby skulls.

Yes, we're told federal funds don't "go towards abortion," but that's clearly bunk. Money is fungible. Even if the tax dollars could be tracked, we're still indirectly financing abortions by financing the "non-abortion services," thus freeing up their other funds to be invested in baby murder.

Yadda yadda and so forth. None of this matters. In fact, I'm losing the argument by making it in the first place. Here I am debating percentages and services and fungibility when none of this makes the slightest difference. It doesn't matter if baby killing is 3 percent or 103 percent of their business. It doesn't matter if all of our tax money or none of it actually goes toward abortion. It doesn't matter if they offer mammograms, or they don't. I don't care if they perform lifesaving mastectomies in the room right next to their abortion laboratory. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

This is really simple, just like the Dr. Bradley situation. Planned Parenthood intentionally destroys innocent life. Nothing else it does matters. No sane or moral person should even begin to talk about "other stuff," when a feature of their business — primary, secondary, major, minor, small, large, whatever — is killing babies. For God's sake, how is this even a discussion?

If Starbucks made it official company policy to murder one human being a decade, every store on the planet would be burned to the ground overnight. If Walmart summarily executed one of its employees, the company and all its billions would be destroyed within hours, and a hundred people in its corporate offices would go to prison. If any other company ever killed a person on purpose, as policy, there would be zero conversation about the "good" it does. Of course. With any other company we all unanimously agree that butchering innocent human beings should be zero percent of their business. No number over absolute zero would be considered remotely acceptable.

Yet, Planned Parenthood kills more than 300,000 CHILDREN EVERY YEAR, and here we are debating mammograms and accounting figures. Like it matters. Like it makes a difference. Like the rampant bloodshed is tempered by the fact that they were super friendly and helpful when you went there for an STD test last January.

You can throw any dramatic story you want at me. You can tell me your friend discovered she had HPV because of Planned Parenthood, or your sister found out about her cervical cancer at Planned Parenthood, or Planned Parenthood saved your adopted puppy from a brush fire. That has absolutely no bearing on whether Planned Parenthood should still exist, much less receive federal funds. Can I justify Dr. Bradley by telling you he diagnosed my friend's son with asthma? Asthma is a deadly affliction. It's possible this hypothetical kid could have died had Bradley not prescribed him an inhaler.  But does that mean serial child rape should be ignored, mitigated, or expunged from the record? Of course not. That would be psychotic. Demented. Barbaric. Nonsensical.

Hitler did some "other stuff," too. He was anti-smoking. He was an animal conservationist. He built roads. Should we run calculations to figure out what percentage of his reign was devoted to slaughtering Jews and what percentage was spent fighting lung disease and constructing highway systems? Should we unbundle all of his initiatives as dictator, weigh them exactly the same, and declare that genocide was only, like, 12 percent of the total package?

No? Why? Because only a slobbering lunatic would suggest that the wholesale butchery of human beings is somehow watered down by "other stuff" a mass murderer did? Yes, exactly.

But Planned Parenthood defenders are worse than this. The primary "other stuff" defense of Planned Parenthood is that it provides women with birth control. That's it, really. The alleged (and largely fictional) "lifesaving" services it offers are only sparingly mentioned. Mostly, we're just told Planned Parenthood should be forgiven its nasty habit of massacring infants because it helps women have a more convenient sex life.

Again, never mind the inaccuracy of this claim. Never mind that birth control is perfectly affordable already. Never mind that it's free and mandatory on Obamacare. Never mind that any woman who desperately craves birth control can get it cheaply or freely practically anywhere. Never mind. We cannot lose sight of the fact that people — millions of people — are actually arguing that baby murderers be funded because they hand out birth control.

It doesn't matter how much birth control they hand out, or how hard or easy birth control is to attain, or how helpful birth control allegedly is to women. It doesn't matter. To suggest that child killers should be aided and abetted by taxpayers because of birth control is a position so debased and incoherent that there is no argument against it besides speechless disgust. Would liberals have endorsed the Holocaust had the Nazis simply provided "reproductive health care" in a building next door to the death camps? They're so obsessed with birth control it wouldn't surprise me. After all, they're justifying the Holocaust of the unborn on those grounds.

Liberals will respond that Planned Parenthood's birth control dispensing is so important because it neutralizes the "need" for abortion. This is, like every abortion enthusiast argument, false. If birth control really prevented abortion, Planned Parenthood wouldn't provide it. They couldn't. It wouldn't be a viable business model. It would be like a car dealership giving out bus passes. They'd be undercutting the very thing that keeps them in business.

On the contrary, birth control is often a gateway drug for abortion. Planned Parenthood encourages reckless sexual activity because their whole industry relies on it.  But, again, none of this matters. Even if birth control did reduce the number of abortions, what kind of maniac says Planned Parenthood should be funded so it can stop itself from murdering humans by preventing the humans from existing in the first place? "We have to make sure people are sterilized so they can't create more people that Planned Parenthood has to kill!" 

A Planned Parenthood pro-choice rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Uh...I...WHAT? Huh? Are you kidding? That "argument" should elicit nothing but scorn. We're all desensitized to the madness and sadism of the pro-abortion side, and maybe that's the problem. No matter how often we hear these ideas, they should always be met with outrage and disbelief. We should be responding to their points not with counter points, but with screams of unbridled horror. When they say things like "let's prevent people from being conceived so we don't have to kill them" or "Planned Parenthood might dismember infants, but think of the good stuff it does" we should physically recoil and be unable to stop ourselves from shouting back, "MY GOD, ARE YOU A HUMAN BEING?" We should react much like we would if an actual Nazi sat in the room and tried to explain the Holocaust to us. We'd first be confused because we can't understand what they're trying to say, and second we'd be infuriated and revolted because we know that, whatever it is, it's awful and ghastly.

Every time we get sucked into one of these arguments — Does Planned Parenthood sell body parts? Does Planned Parenthood do good things besides abortion? Is abortion really 3 percent of Planned Parenthood's business? — we automatically lose because we've steered the conversation away from the only argument that matters or makes a difference. We adopt the pro-abortion premise by tacitly agreeing that the answers to these questions could make abortion more or less acceptable.

Abortion is a ghoulish atrocity. That's our point. That's our only point. Any company that murders children for profit should be shutdown and their buildings subsequently leveled. Any person who justifies abortion or defends any company that performs abortion should bow before God and beg for mercy. Abortion is wrong in every context, in every situation, no matter what you do with the baby's body afterward, no matter what other "services" an abortion company provides, no matter anything.

Abortion is the subject here. Not birth control. Not mammograms. Not "fetal tissue" sale. Abortion. That's what we should be talking about. The moment we allow the abortion conversation to be about anything other than abortion, we lose.

We don't talk about how many kids Dr. Bradley didn't rape. We don't consider the "negatives" of shutting down a rape clinic and putting the rapist in prison forever. Dr. Bradley was a child predator, and that's all he was, and that's how he was treated, no matter what else he did or how often he did it. Period. End of story. That's all.

Planned Parenthood likewise is a child predator, and that's all it is, and that's how it should be treated, no matter what else it does or how often it does it. Period. End of story. That's all.

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