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The Tired Old Cry of False Racism


For years, media bias has prevented facts from reaching the American public. Now, with outlets like TheBlaze, the right can push back.

I observed a comment on Twitter recently:

via Twitter

Vecinos apparently lives in Monterey, Mexico. This liberal decided to dip into page five of the extremist liberal handbook, it really exists I’ve seen it, and play some of the tried and true tactics in effort to stop open debate.

First, the leftist decides to throw out the charge that there are no Latinos or African Americans on staff at the Blaze. I’m sure that comes as a shock to Amy Holmes who is African American and is a news anchor on TheBlaze.

I was shocked, as was my partner, Ruben Navarrette, because we’ve been Latinos all of our lives and have a radio show on TheBlaze. What’s at play here is the liberal habit of saying a lie often enough so it will eventually be believed.

That worked in the “good ol’ “ days when liberals dominated information sources in this country. But sadly, for left-wingers, that’s not the case anymore.

We have these little things called facts. And we now have the ability to push back and make sure those facts are reported.

Media bias prevents those facts from getting out in some precincts on the web, radio and TV. But as we’ve seen in recent years, the American people are catching on.

The aforementioned precincts, better known as the mainstream media, have been treated to falling ratings and losses of massive amounts of money.

Simply put, the left’s lies are being called out, despite their cheerleaders in the press.

Most liberals stop at the race card. But Vecinos decided to go for the ”left-wing crackpot twofer” by accusing Glenn Beck of being a Nazi recruiter.  A warning to the wise, when petulant left-wingers invoke Hitler, Nazis or utter the word “draconian,” it’s a sure sign of victory for conservatives in any argument.

The left is devoid of good ideas. I say “good” ideas because we’re wrong in assuming that they don’t have ideas. Those ideas are, more often than not, bad.

The “Occupy Wall Street” crowd is now shouting, “name one!”

I can do a little more than that:  Obamacare, stimulus, Dodd/Frank, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, “light footprint” foreign policy,  IRS targeting of conservative groups, gun bans, Cap and Trade,  progressive tax code, shall I go on?

The facts are this, Glenn Beck is an effective communicator who is trying to saddle liberals with their own poor choices and records. For this, he’s a target.

Up until now, the race-baiters in our nation have been able to partially shut down debate using the false specter of racism, but not anymore.

It bears pointing out that it wasn’t the Democratic National Convention, the “tolerant” extreme liberals, or La Raza that gave two conservative Latinos a voice.

That distinction goes to Glenn Beck and TheBlaze.  In fact, the aforementioned leftist outfits can be relied upon to do their very best to make sure conservative Latinos languish in obscurity.

Glenn Beck and TheBlaze are about truth. And the truth is, despite Vecinos and his ilk’s concerted propaganda, the left doesn’t have a lock on the Latino community.

Courtesy of TheBlaze, Hispanics now have the rest of the story.

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