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Was Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Blackmailed?
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Was Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Blackmailed?

The Supreme Court ruling today is unexplainable - unless the fix is in. It's time to start asking questions publicly and loudly.

It’s time to start asking the question. It’s time to be cynical. It’s time to assume the worst of this government.

Has Supreme Court Justice John Roberts been blackmailed or intimidated?

I would put nothing by the Obama administration that lives and rules by the Chicago thug playbook.

Doubt me? On the same day that Justice Roberts and the Supremes upheld Obamacare - again - the key IRS watchdog reported to Congress that the IRS purposely destroyed evidence of a crime.

[sharequote align="center"]Republicans are being blackmailed, intimidated, extorted and bribed.[/sharequote]

Is the idea implausible that this same Obama administration that orders IRS attacks, then orders destruction of key evidence, would stop at nothing to save Obama’s signature achievement? Is it impossible to believe that Obama and his socialist cabal that learned from Saul Alinsky that “the ends justify the means” would hold something over a Supreme Court justice’s head?

It’s time to ask the question loudly and boldly because something is clearly wrong in Washington, D.C.

Is that the purpose of government agencies like the IRS and the NSA that are abusing our rights - to listen to us, to watch us, to find something we’ve done wrong, and then use it to intimidate, harass, threaten or extort key political figures so that Obama can “fundamentally change America”?

Because something clearly smells rotten in Washington, D.C. Like “the mafia delivering a dead fish to your door” rotten. Conservatives just won national elections in a massive wave, a historic landslide. We control both houses of Congress; we control the Supreme Court, yet we continue to lose every key vote in Congress and every key Supreme Court ruling.

Suddenly when Republicans win elections, elections have no consequences. Doesn’t this seem odd? Doesn’t something smell rotten, like the fix is in?

Justice Roberts voting for Obamacare twice is as likely as me voting to save Obamacare.

Like me, Justice Roberts is a lifelong dedicated conservative warrior. He was appointed by President George W. Bush to become the key conservative vote in important decisions that effect “the fundamental transformation of America.” Justice Roberts was born, raised and groomed for one job in this life - to join that Supreme Court, strike down Obamacare, protect the Constitution and end big government overreach.

Yet he is the man responsible for saving Obamacare - twice.

(Photo: AP) (Photo: AP)

Justice Roberts legacy as a “conservative warrior” will be that he protected big government, supported government overreach and helped to hasten the fundamental transformation of America.

This doesn’t seem odd to you? This doesn’t smell rotten?

I have felt the same way about Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for years now. Something is wrong. All it takes to destroy America and pass Obama’s agenda is to control a few key powerful positions in Washington, D.C.

Just blackmail one or two key conservative leaders to stop the GOP from blocking Obama's agenda. Just find out the weak link of a key opposition leader or government official and hold it over their heads. It's that simple. Suddenly sworn lifelong conservatives are giving Obama whatever he wants - Obamacare, Trans Pacific Partnership, massive tax increases, amnesty for illegals. The list is long.

Am I being too cynical? Really? Did anyone suspect former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was a child molester who commited crimes with underage boys?

Because he sure had everyone fooled. He looked like a choir boy. But he clearly did something terrible that forced him to agree to pay millions of dollars in blackmail.

And it’s odd that the government knew about it. How did they know to question Hastert about taking his own money out of his own bank account? Maybe they knew for the same reason they knew former CIA chief and retired Gen. David Petraeus was having an affair. Maybe they know everything.

What makes anyone think the government and it’s three-letter agencies (IRS, NSA, DOJ, FBI, SEC) don’t know everything bad about everyone in key positions in Washington, D.C.? What makes you think that blackmail isn’t happening every day to conservative politicians - except it’s the government doing the blackmailing?

You know, this is the same government that asked the IRS to target key critics of this president (like me) and then ordered the IRS to destroy the evidence. The same government that told you “if you like your health insurance, you can keep it.” The same government that says there is no problem with $18 trillion in debt that threatens your children’s entire future. The same government that indicted both rating agencies immediately after they dared to downgrade the credit rating of the United States for the first time in history.

Just a guess, but here’s how I think it goes:

I think the Obama Crime Family meets with a key politician like Boehner or Justice Roberts and they offer both a carrot and stick. They threaten to expose something terrible like an affair, or corruption, or malfeasance, or immorality that would shock the nation, ruin their career, destroy their legacy, cost their marriage, destroy their relationship with their children and leave them unemployable by any respectable law firm or lobbyist. That’s what’s behind door number one.

Or if you see the light and vote Obama's way, they get to continue playing national leader and hero, their legacy is untouched, their family loves them, and they retire someday to a $5 million per year lobbying job (like Dennis Hastert). That’s what’s behind door number two.

Which would you choose?

Trust me - those options are being offered every day by the Obama Crime Family to key political figures in Washington, D.C. Republicans are being blackmailed, intimidated, extorted and bribed. That explains Justice Roberts and the Supremes ruling against the American People again. That explains why conservatives keep winning elections, yet we keep gaining nothing and losing everything. It’s all been fixed.

The Obama Crime Family is in charge.

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