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Women: Stop Believing the Progressive Lie!

There are great female role models, both past and present, that achieved greatness by believing in themselves!

Why did the “War on Women” campaign work so well? Why were Sandra Fluke and others able to convince some American women that they were second class citizens because the American public didn’t want to pay for their birth control?

Let me be frank and put aside political correctness for a moment and tell you exactly what message was being portrayed. She and others were trying to convince women that ‘the good ole boy white establishment’ was trying to keep women ‘barefoot and pregnant’ and it worked for a short period of time and may still be working for others.

Just like the current race baiters want you to believe that we are still living in the era of racial unrest back in the 1960s, progressives want you to believe that we as women are still living in a time when the ‘little woman’ didn’t have the right to vote.

Those days are gone! However, the progressive agenda lives on.

Progressives are masters at taking a concept that has a speck of truth to it, or at least it may have 100 years ago, and blowing it out of proportion so that they can sound a false alarm.

If left to progressives, they would try and convince women in America that if they don’t get free birth control then sooner or later they won’t be allowed to drive cars, like the women in Saudi Arabia. Next, women will lose the right to vote.

I’d like to laugh and say progressives would never use this argument, however these days, I’m not so sure.

We need to change the culture of what is being taught to our young girls and women. If we don’t challenge the progressive propaganda then America loses.

There have been and are great women in the United States and elsewhere who have taken a stand and made a difference in our lives. They need to be showcased.

Instead of having our daughters look up to those who would bare their bodies for a photo shoot, we need to teach our daughters about the Erin Brockovichs of the world, who saw an injustice and decided to take a stand by speaking out about it.

Brockovich fought for something worth fighting for when she exposed the atrocities of PG&E’s failed attempt to cover up their role in contamination of water in a small California town.

Brockovich continues to act as an advocate for those harmed by environmental contamination, bad medical devices and pharmaceuticals, 22 years after the fight with PG&E.

Then there were women like Iva Toguri D’Aquino aka Tokyo Rose, who worked secretly over the radio waves during World War II, to tip off American soldiers about the attacks planned by the Japanese Army. D’Aquino was an American citizen from Los Angeles, California who had been stranded in Japan because she was visiting her parents when the war broke out.

These are women of substance in our history that aren’t dreaming up imaginary ‘wars’ on females but were and are fighting for worthy causes. They are ordinary women who took extraordinary steps to right a true and valid wrong.

There is another more recent story about a young woman who made a difference and should be mentioned as a positive role model for females.

Politician, Saira Blair, age 18 and West Virginia’s youngest ever elected state lawmaker in the nation, ran an anti-abortion, pro-gun, and lower taxes for certain businesses campaign, and won.

She wasn’t sitting around asking for someone to provide her with something for free and she wasn’t accusing males of ‘keeping her down’. Blair was focused on important and real issues for all Americans.

“History has been made tonight in West Virginia, and while I am proud of all that we have accomplished together, it is the future of this state that is now my singular focus,” she said.

Her focus was not on a false progressive agenda aimed at dividing America but rather one based on the best interests of America.

There are many other women in our history, both past and present, who could be mentioned here. Women of valor and honor who have fought and died for this country in our military and in their everyday lives are all too often overlooked but serve as a reminder of what women are capable of doing on all fronts.

To reduce what women have done to a ‘war on women’ propaganda stance is to seek to destroy the very fiber of what makes this country great.

We need to quit wasting our time and our young girls’ and women’s time on progressive propaganda and fake crusades.

Americans must teach our females about their value. Not value based upon flaunting their bodies or falling for the next progressive lie. Rather we must teach them that they as individuals have the ability to achieve whatever they desire through hard work, dedication, education, and passion.

No longer should they fall for the falsehood that they are ‘victims’ of a conservative institution that is at the root of all of their problems.

Women believe the progressive lies because that’s all they hear and are taught, for the most part.

We must begin to teach them about the women in our history who made a difference and achieved something because they believed that they could.

Once they have been taught about their historic sisterhood, hand them a mirror and tell them that they are looking at the next woman in American history.

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