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Squires: Our fight for the gender binary will determine the society our children inherit


We need to be willing to tell the truth even if people hate us and call us names

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W.E.B. Du Bois famously said that the problem of the 20th century was the problem of the color line.

We celebrated Dr. King’s birthday yesterday to acknowledge everything he did to help the country resolve that problem. Now we have a much different threat to confront.

The problem of the 21st century will be the rejection of the gender binary.

In less than 10 years, the mainstream position on sex and gender has shifted radically. Caitlyn Jenner is out of the closet. All of the people who believe in biology have taken his place inside.

The same people who have spent over a year telling the public to “trust the science” when it comes to masks choose to ignore the science when it comes to human anatomy. They also police speech with ruthless aggression. One wrong pronoun can get a person fired or fined.

Here’s the truth, whether you're grounded in Genesis or genetics: There are only two sexes — male and female. Conditions like intersexuality don’t change that norm; they reinforce it.

So how did we get to the point where basic biology is treated as heresy?

The Bible provides a clear explanation: “For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.” –Romans 1:21-22

Our folly comes at a high price.

This issue gets the most attention when it comes to athletics. Names like Lia Thomas, Cece Telfer, and Fallon Fox are familiar to some sports fans. But the single most important job of one generation is to create the next generation. How can people who are confused about the definitions of “man” and “woman” make a new generation?

What hope does a country have when its most educated and powerful people use terms like “birthing person” and the masses nod along in agreement like sheep?

What is exceptional about a country in which headlines like “Transgender man gives birth after ‘Grindr one-night stand’ while transitioning” and “He gave birth. He breastfed. Now, he wants his son to see him as a man” run in major publications?

How long does a civilization have before total collapse when the following quote is accepted as normal?

“A month into pregnancy, Schade met his current husband, Jordan, 28. Eight months later, Ronan was born in October 2020. Now the pair are raising the child together, with the support of friends, the trans community and the Satanic Temple church, of which he’s a member.”

How much have our views on the body and the family changed when the featured Father’s Day essay on CNN in 2018 included this quote?

“But when it comes to lessons learned as a toddler, there are some things Sabastion wants to teach Jaxen, father to son. One of them is how to pee standing up – something Sabastion does with the help of a detachable prosthetic.”

We are in a battle for truth. If we lose this, there is no telling how bad things will get.

In his last speech before his assassination, Dr. King said he’d been to the mountaintop. He said he didn’t fear any man and wasn’t concerned about how long he lived because he just wanted to do God’s will.

We need that type of fearlessness.

My desire to return to our senses on gender is rooted in a desire to do God’s will. The lie that gender is all about feelings dishonors God’s intricate design of men and women. Encouraging people to embrace that lie is neither loving nor kind.

The enforcement of the color line determined the society our ancestors endured. Our fight for the gender binary will determine the society our descendants inherit.

We need to be willing to tell the truth even if people hate us and call us names. If not, America will have a generation of confused, depressed, and mutilated children who wish we had been willing to die on our hill.
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