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Does the truth live in your house?

Unless you're among a small number of lucky ones whose TV provider actually listens to its customers, probably not.

Why? Because TheBlaze — the only network where truth has no agenda — is not yet available on all TV providers across the country.

The good news is we're gaining momentum with your help. Today, over 95 TV providers have TheBlaze on their channel line-ups. I can't thank you enough for your support!

Together we're building a truly independent news and entertainment network from the ground up — a network we can be proud of and one that speaks and reveals the truth. But our work has really just begun.

Today I humbly ask for your continued help in growing our distribution footprint so that TheBlaze is available on TV to even more homes in America.

I've seen the difference your calls and emails have made in helping TV providers decide to carry TheBlaze. If you don't have TheBlaze on your channel line-up, please make a call and send an email to your TV provider using the simple tools below. Help them understand that adding TheBlaze will ensure you and your family have a trusted source of programming which reflects our shared values of Truth, Freedom, Faith and Family.

You pay good money for access to channels you might never watch and may not agree with like MSNBC and Al Jazeera America. We believe you should have more choice and that libertarian and conservative voices deserve equal billing, don't you?

I'm so proud of what we've already accomplished — from the talented hosts and analysts who've joined us, to the world-class programs we produce everyday… but we need your help getting TheBlaze to millions more people.

Each of us has a choice: sit on the sidelines, or get involved. Too many people are willing to let others decide which media companies are going to set the cultural and political agenda in America. I've bet everything I have that you are not one of them.

Please make that call and send that email to your TV provider today and tell them you want TheBlaze!

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