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'She was my high school sweetheart': Pat Boone opens up about his late-wife Shirley Boone

The Glenn Beck Podcast

'We were holding hands at 16, married at 19'

In episode 20 of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Glenn sat down in the studio with celebrated singer and actor Pat Boone to talk about his extraordinary career, his profound faith, and to open up about the loss of his beloved wife of 65 years, Shirley Boone, who died Jan. 11.
"Before we went on ... you talked about kissing your wife and you teared up," Glenn said. "You [had a] love affair with that one woman your whole life."
"Yes, we had just had our 65th wedding anniversary," said Pat, 84. "She was my high-school sweetheart. Same old story, we were holding hands at 16, married at 19. When I graduated from Columbia University magna cum laude we had four kids already ... it's been that kind of life."
Watch a video clip from the interview above.
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