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WATCH: 'Body positivity' activist says there are too many thin people in body positivity community

Lauren Chen

'Unlike them, I don't have thin privilege'

Image source: "Pseudo-Intellectual"/Lauren Chen

In a recent episode of "Pseudo-Intellectual," BlazeTV host Lauren Chen talked about Raffela Mancuso, an online advocate for "body positivity" and "self love" who recently took issue with thin content creators within the body positivity community.

"It really bugs me that thin people are taking up a lot of space in the 'body positivity/self love' corner of the internet," Mancuso wrote on her Instagram page.

"A lot of people make big money and have great success creating this content!" she argued. "Great! Yay them! The problem for me is that I've noticed for myself as well as many other plus-size creators in the same corner of the internet is that we don't get HALF the recognition that slender people do.

"I find that most slender creators who promote body acceptance have to distort their body in order to show off their 'imperfections.' Unlike them, I don't have thin privilege."

Mancuso also took issue with "living in a capitalist society, [where] we have been told our whole lives that our bodies are s**t, and that we need to give people our money in order to be happy and loved."

Watch the video below to get Lauren's take:

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