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Does Idaho's new bill banning trans-athletes from women's sports REALLY allow 'invasive genital testing'?

Lauren Chen

Sounds very scary

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In her most recent episode of "Pseudo-Intellectual," BlazeTV host Lauren Chen talked about Lindsay Hecox, a trans-athlete at Boise State University, who has filed a lawsuit challenging Idaho's recently passed law banning transgender and intersex athletes from participating in women's school sports.

In a Teen Vogue op-ed, Hecox said Idaho's House Bill 500, named the Fairness in Women's Sports Act, is unconstitutional because it "invades young people's privacy and because it discriminates based on sex."

The bill "not only banned trans girls and women athletes from competing on their school teams, but exposed all girls and women to invasive, intrusive genital testing if anyone challenges their gender. I joined activists and community members in speaking out against the bill at the statehouse, but it passed anyway. On the eve of March 31, Trans Visibility Day, Governor Brad Little signed the bill into law," Hecox wrote. "I decided to fight — for myself and for all the trans and intersex student athletes across Idaho, as well as for all Idaho girls and women athletes."

After questioning the likelihood that Idaho lawmakers were even aware of "Trans Visibility Day eve," let alone intentional using that particular date as a slap in the face to trans people, Lauren addressed Hecox's claim that biological female would be subjected to "invasive, intrusive genital testing."

"Sounds very scary," Lauren said. "But it turns out that's a pretty uncharitable interpretation of what the bill actually says."

Lauren explained that the bill clearly states that "if disputed" a student can simply show gender with a doctor's note. She also pointed out that requiring a physical exam or testing through urine or saliva samples, is already established procedure in athletics.

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