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It is NOT racist to observe and discuss changes within your community

Lauren Chen

The changing demographic in the US is not an accident

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On Tuesday's episode of "Pseudo Intellectual," Lauren Chen discussed the ever-changing demographics in the United States as well as the media-created narrative that transformed the border security issue into "white supremacy."

In this clip, Lauren explained the connection between rising crime rates and increased cultural clashes in the United States and the nation's changing demographics.

Lauren played a clip from "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to help illustrate her point. In the clip, Carlson explained the problems that happen within local communities when the values and cultural norms of the citizenry become threatened by newly amnestied immigrants.

Lauren explained that in today's political climate, conservatives are no longer allowed to question anything related to immigration without being called a racist and subsequently silenced.

"In the year 2000, Hazleton's population was 2 percent Hispanic. Just 16 years later, Hazleton is a majority Hispanic. That is much change. People who grew up there now realize they cannot communicate with the majority of people within the community," Carlson said.

"People like Tucker Carlson are not racist for wanting to have a conversation about this," Lauren said.

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