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Racism for robots? Study claims to show human 'bias against black robots'

Lauren Chen

An argument gone too far?

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On Sunday's episode of " Pseudo-Intellectual," host Lauren Chen discussed a recent CNN article that claims people apply racial stereotypes to robots based on their color, according to a recent study.

The article suggest that the "popularity of white robots" is the result of a "bias against black robots." Researchers from the Human Interface Technology Laboratory in New Zealand reportedly told CNN that the "bias against black robots is a result of bias against African-Americans" and that "people who had no prior interaction with robots show racial bias towards them."

The researchers also claimed that this form of alleged racism "will be a serious problem" in the future if robots are to fill the rolls of teachers or care-takers, and yet "these roles are only ever occupied by robots that are racialized as white."

"After a certain point, it's possible to become so opposed to something, so viscerally and emotionally effected by it, that you can start to become paranoid, dare I say, even irrational," Lauren said. "And I think that for a select group of people we have in fact reached this level of fervor toward racism."

Watch the video below for more details:

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