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WATCH: Trans activist and conservative host debate children transitioning gender

Lauren Chen

Gender dysphoria as a standard practice

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On Saturday, "Psuedo-Intellectual" host Lauren Chen sat down with trans activist Julie Rei Goldstein and discussed their views on children transitioning gender and the newly set diagnostic standard among medical practitioners for gender dysphoria.

In this clip, Lauren asserted that a recent study claimed that 80 percent of children displaying gender dysphoria as children grew up to be neither transgender nor identify as the opposite gender.

According to Lauren, children displayed behavior during the maturation process that closely resembled other issues — such as borderline personality disorder — causing medical professionals to be reluctant to jump to a gender dysphoria diagnosis.

Lauren asked if the similarities in behaviors associated with gender dysphoria and common puberty were enough to justify the hesitancy among medical professionals to diagnose children with gender dysphoria.

Julie explained the study Lauren referenced had not set out to measure the contributing factors to persistence and desistance of gender dysphoria. Instead, the study found that starting at around the time of puberty, children suffering from gender dysphoria experienced increased distress.

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