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'The country is not going to survive': Mark Levin reacts to jaw-dropping Campus Reform video


College students had no clue what YEAR our country declared its independence

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On "LevinTV" this week, host Mark Levin reacted to a Campus Reform video in which students fail spectacularly to answer some of the most basic questions about America's founding, such as what year our country declared independence, which nation we declared independence from, and what war was fought for American independence.

While most of the students couldn't even come close to answering these questions, they were quick to assert that America is a racist country "built off of slavery."

"This will frighten you," Levin said of the video. "They [students] know a whole lot about so-called systemic racism, so-called systemic inequality, so-called systemic injustice. They know about all the warts and vices in our past, but they won't know about the greatness of the country because they're not taught about [that]."

Levin noted how much the average American pays through taxes for the public school systems, which have been nationalized by "har-core left-wing Democrat operations" such as the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, while parents often have absolutely no insight into or say about what is taught in our country's classrooms.

"We've let education get away from us. Then our children get away from us and you've seen the consequences. If a country doesn't teach its children to love the country, than the country is not going to survive."

Watch the video below for more details:

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