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Americans could be more afraid of government than COVID!

Louder with Crowder

Please, apply the "don't shoot the messenger" rule here. Let me start by saying I have grown to respect President Trump for his no f's given approach to the progressive left.

But Trump presented COVID-19 to the nation in such a way that he sent Americans into an unfortunate fear spiral.

First, Dr. Fauci influenced Trump to convince the public that they should fear the invisible enemy, better known as WuFlu. Naturally, many people freaked out and demanded to be saved by the all-knowing government.

Can you imagine a world in which the government is capable of fixing a problem rather than making it worse? I can't.

Now the public's state of fear is reaching its inevitable conclusion. Because the government will always seize an opportunity to expand its power, times marked by the fear of the unknown will always end with more government.

As the country emerges from its COVID-19 quarantine fog, a reality that the threat of government surpassed that of COVID must be faced.Steven went off this morning with an epic rant highlighting the tyranny of government in the United States.

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