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Suspicions Mount Over Widow's 'Lake Pirate' Murder Story


The wife of a man reportedly shot by "lake pirates" on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake last week returned to television today to share her side of the story. Just a day after her husband David's memorial service, Tiffany Hartley appeared on NBC's Today show to answer some pointed questions from host Meredith Vieira.

According to Hartley, she and her husband were ambushed and her husband shot dead by "lake pirates" while they were out on the lake on jet skis. But suspicions have grown in the wake of David's reported death as Mexican police officials have yet to recover any remains and Hartley was mysteriously set free unscathed. Hartley reportedly spent three hours on Tuesday at the Mexican consulate where she said filled out paperwork to "get the ball rolling on getting the government to do something."

During her appearance on Today, Vieira asked Hartley point blank if she'd had anything to do with her husband's disappearance and/or death:

"No, not at all," Hartley replied. "I loved him very much. And I went back for him, to help him, and I did what I could."

When Vieira asked why authorities might be suspicious of Hartley, she claimed it was because they had no evidence.  "We were in Mexico, and U.S. authorities can't go over there. And I have no proof, I have no cameras, I have nothing. I don't have the photos that we were taking. I don't have anything except for my word."

Hartley also claims she can't recall the physical features of any of the attackers.  "Honestly, looking at the barrel of the gun is all I saw. I was pretty focused there. I couldn't tell you what they look like."

As for why the so-called "lake pirates" spared her husband and set her free, Hartley says she is alive only by the grace of God.  "All I can do is give God the glory. That's all I can do. Is that he had touched them to leave me," she said.

Wednesday evening, Tiffany and other family members of David Hartley returned to the U.S. side of the lake lake and took boats out to lay a wreath in his memory.

At a news conference, Hartley said the family would like to see more efforts from the Mexican authorities to find him.

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