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Longtime Dem Concedes to Duckie Pajama-Wearing Repub


SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- Democratic Texas Congressman Solomon Ortiz has conceded defeat to Republican newcomer Blake Farenthold.

Ortiz's concession came late Monday, after a South Texas recount confirmed he had lost a House seat he held for nearly three decades.

The 73-year-old congressman said that although he hadn't seen official results, he believed he picked up about 150 votes in the recount - but still lost to Farenthold by about 650.

Farenthold is the former owner of a computer consulting business and a self-described "sidekick" on local talk radio. He received strong support from tea party activists in a district that stretches from Corpus Christi on the Gulf Coast to Brownsville on the border with Mexico.

He is also the candidate who came under fire in October after pictures surfaced of him at a lingerie and pajama charity event.

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