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Fareed's GPS fails him spectacularly.


Fareed. Awful job.

Perhaps, when trying to claim that someone else is incorrect, you should at least briefly familiarize yourself with their argument. In this case, the statistical backup from the respected polling agency that clearly proves what they said was accurate.

Seriously. Eight seconds of research would have saved you a lot of embarrassment. In case you missed it, like everyone else in the world, CNN's Fareed Zakaria tried to disprove Glenn Beck's comment from earlier this week about 10 percent of Muslims being terrorists. Soon-to-be-hilarious-punchline-for-massive-failure Piers Morgan even retweeted it. Neither personality on the network spent even a moment trying to avoid falling flat on their faces.

Here is some GPS for next time:

Go to

Search to see if the claim from several days earlier has been addressed.

See if there have been media organizations that have already apologized for the opinion you are about to give.

Schedule something else for the block that no one is going to watch.

If Glenn made a mistake like this, it would be a 30 minute monologue on the Daily Show. Fortunately, Fareed won't have to worry about that because no one knows who he is.

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