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Med School Students Punished Over YouTube Video Poking Fun at Poor, Hispanic Patients


KRIV reports out of Houston:

It was a controversial video that poked fun at poor people and Hispanics who use the county hospital system in Houston.

Now we've learned 2 medical students at Baylor College of Medicine will soon face disciplinary action for a YouTube performance called “All The Ben Taub Patients ”.

Those students performed before a crowd at a Baylor event where they proclaimed some teen mothers were on the third child and not yet 18. Baylor began an investigation after FOX 26 brought the video to the school's attention.

The school issued a statement, which reads in part:

BCM has ongoing efforts to promote professionalism in its students, faculty and staff. Patient privacy and respect are guiding principles for all members of the BCM team, from beginning students to faculty leaders. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to care for patients and a responsibility that we as physicians and trainees take seriously in our profession.

This type of inappropriate behavior is not consistent with our philosophy or professional standards and we will work to ensure that the issue of professionalism is front and center for our entire community. We apologize for the behavior of the students involved and take responsibility for assuring that this type of conduct does not happen at our institution in the future.

The same station previously reported on the controversial video:

== Some Say Video Offensive to Hispanics ==

The YouTube video appears to have been posted by medical students from Baylor College of Medicine.

It's called “All the Ben Taub Patients”. Those who have seen the video say it's offensive to Hispanics and poor people who use the county-funded hospital. We're told the routine occurred during a Baylor Halloween event.

En espanol, tiene dolor?/

Hope I understand what you say …

But when you flipped, my left hand slipped/

You can't get mad at me/

If you don't like it you should've got insurance/

Crashed your car while under the influence …

"I always thought you had better respect for your patients," [James] Williams said.

== Lack of Sensitivity to Patients ==

Williams has a relative at Ben Taub. It's the hospital the women targeted in their musical performance.

He said the video shows a lack of sensitivity and caring patients expect from future doctors.

"I kind of recognize that (elitism). I think that's a big problem in society you thought we got pass all that and apparently we have not," said Williams.

Mom's a teen/

Third kid at 18/

Baby slip, you can't get mad at me …

Your healthcare is provided by med students/

It's okay if you ain't got insurance/

Across the street you may not stand a chance/

But Baylor's got some damn good med students...

Watch the KRIV report:

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