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The beatification of Barack Obama


The Beatification of Barack Obama

Today the President will visit Ground Zero in NYC. It will be the first time since his election to the highest office in the land that President Obama has come to the site of the deadliest attack on American soil.

He will lay a wreath at the memorial, spend time with the families of the victims and then apparently, he will be whisked off to Rome for sainthood.

This morning on MSNBC, the Morning Joe crew presided over a segment that started the new, expedited process of beatification.

In just under nine minutes, the President Obama was elevated to the same status as Lincoln and Kennedy.

The panel also managed to proclaim:

  • That the death of bin Laden now separates Obama from all Jimmy Carter comparisons. (economy problems, unemployment and inflation aside)
  • This is "the greatest success for American Special Forces in history, under this President." (shouldn't the Special Forces get the credit?)
  • Bin Laden's death changes Obama in the minds of the GOP, and virtually negates the devastating election of last Fall.

At this pace, on tonight's Hardball, Chris Matthews will be all 'tingly', as he tosses the broadcast to Rome for the Sainthood Ceremony.

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