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Gingrich Sued Over Using 'Eye of the Tiger' Song in Campaign


For those who've followed Newt Gingrich's campaign appearances, you may or may not recall hearing the "Rocky III" theme song accompany the GOP firebrand along his various stops. But, what was intended to be a rousing battle call for Gingrich supporters, has instead turned into a lawsuit.

Yes, "Rude Music Inc.," the company that owns the rights to the 1982 song "Eye of the Tiger" is claiming Gingrich had no right to use the song as part of his campaign. According to TMZ, the company, owned by a member of the band Survivor, filed the suit today in federal court in Illinois claiming the former House Speaker hijacked the famed song to further his own political agenda.

According to the lawsuit, Gingrich has been using the song at various political events since 2009.

RMI is asking a judge to order Gingrich and his team to stop using the song immediately and is also seeking unspecified damages.

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