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Here's the Chart That Has One Finance Writer Feeling 'Something Is About to Happen


"Right now, complacency is high..."

Joe Weisenthal is the intrepid finance writer over at Business Insider. He's usually more plugged in than a Chevy Volt. So when he looks at a chart and says he feels "something is about to happen," it's not a bad idea to pay attention. And that's just what he did.

Here's the chart from Weisenthal's Wednesday-morning post:

I'll let Weisenthal explain what he's seeing;

The above chart is the VIX. Sometimes it's called the "fear index". Whatever you want to call it, it's a quick way of looking at how much investors are willing to pay for downside protection in the market. Right now, complacency is high, and nobody wants to pay much for "insurance."

Once again, we're getting close to what's been a floor for the index (since the crisis) and so it seems inevitable that something is going to come along and jolt everyone awake. [Emphasis added]

In other words, the lower the line on the chart, the more complacent people are. And when people are complacent, they don't prepare. And that's usually when something big happens to wake them up.

So what are the risks out there? Check out his post on Business Insider to see.

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